Academic Standards Year End Report discussion

2007-2008 Academic Standards Committee Year End Report
Kathy Boardman Memo re:Year End Report

The links above lead you to the End of Year Report (including the committee charges) and a memo from Kathy Boardman regarding the year end report.  

There were three charges with specific committee recommendations, so they have been placed in three seperate posts for individual discussion.  For the June meeting, the intent is to have these items on the consent agenda in the same manner so individual or similar recommendations can be discussed or approved without impacting the whole.

Please only comment on this post if you have something general to say.  If it is specific to particular charges or their recommendations, please use the other topics to post.

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  1.   bgmorris Says:

    The comments in our meetings and on the blog suggest that more work has to be done on the recommendations from the Academic Standards committee.

    Given our budget cuts, this may not be the best time to increase academic advising paperwork. And, as I wrote in an earlier blog,my college is very concerned about repeating courses for grade improvement anytime during four years.

    Certainly we need to pay more attentions to struggling freshmen and
    sophomores if we hope to increase retention. But, I am not sure we need
    changes in policy so much as changes in attitudes and practices.

    I would hope the exec committee could give some thought to re-charging this
    committee and making sure they work closely with advisors in every college.



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