Faculty Workload Policy

NSHE Board of Regents Workload Policy – Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 3:

UNR Faculty Workload Policy

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  1.   alex Says:

    The faculty workload policy looks OK as far as it goes but there are some important issues in implementation that don’t seem to have been addressed.

    * How do we ensure that workloads are “reassigned” in an equitable and noncapricious manner. Simply relying on the good judgment and fairness of a department chair seems to invite abuse.

    * While there is much mention of role statements in the document no explicit mention is made regarding weightings. I would assume that a yearly teaching load of 18 credit hours should correspond to 60% of an instructor’s total effort while 12 credit hours should correspond to 40% etc. Lecturers for whom there is little expectation of scholarly work normally are expected to teach 24 credit hours and have an instructional weighting of 80%.
    Granting this, it would seem that tenured/tenure-track faculty are expected to have weightings of something like 60-25-15 instead of the more traditional 40-40-20. Most of the criteria used to justify reassignment to fewer courses are related to working with students in other ways, but this doesn’t change the underlying weighting. By deemphasizing research and creative activity in this way, we may be condemning ourselves to remain a second class university.

  2.   LuLu G Says:

    As George Carlin would say….”We’re all %#$&ked.” Workloads are going to be tweaked the way the higher ups see fit. It’s already happening in many departments.

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