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Regent Cobb said to us on his last visit that we should get more involved in trying to get our story out. I have been doing this the last month or so, and thought senators might want to know what I’m saying on their behalf.

The memo I wrote to Milt on 12-1 got sent around the state by the Chancellor. I wrote an Op-ed column in the Reno Gazette Journal, titled
Small government can hurt growth

and another in the Las Vegas Sun, Does our state government have a spending problem?

Former Senator Bob Beers wrote a “rebuttal” in the Las Vegas Review-Journal the following week:

And I wrote a reply in the Sun:
How much more state government can be cut?

I also wrote another memo to Milt on Jan. 1 regarding a look at state budgets over the last couple of decades, and another today to answer a number of people who said I should also offer solutions. Both are on my website, at, but in the latter memo I made clear I was NOT speaking as chair-elect, since some of my suggestions were likely not to be shared by others, including Bill — he told me so himself.

Elliott Parker, Chair-Elect

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