What do you suggest this year for Charges?

Dear Senators:

This summer, the executive board and I will start putting charges and members for the various Faculty Senate committees. Half of our committees will operate on the academic year, and half will be on the calendar year. Once we draft charges, they will come to the senate for possible modification and approval.

We get some charges from problems we run into in the prior year or new problems we anticipate, and other charges are suggested by the prior committees. But we also get charges from you, the representatives of the faculty.

We would be grateful if each of you could give us a problem or two that you think the Faculty Senate needs to address this next year, so we can debate and prioritize them in order to have our committees be most productive. Putting them here on this blog would not only be more transparent, it would help other senators better consider their own suggestions.

We greatly look forward to hearing your ideas.

Best Regards,
Elliott Parker
Faculty Senate Chair (facsenchair@unr.edu)

2 Responses to “What do you suggest this year for Charges?”

  1.   vwein Says:

    I’d like to second two of the suggestions made at our meeting yesterday:

    1) Jen’s suggestion that we really focus on the fairness and transparency of whatever processes are necessary to face upcoming budget cuts.

    2) Isabelle’s suggestion that we work to develop more interdisciplinary connections between colleges and programs.

    In general, I think fairness, transparency, and interdisciplinary connections are all worth promoting through both good times and bad.


  2.   elliott Says:

    So as I am going to my 7:30 AM final exam for a class that normally meets at 11AM, I am thinking, as I have every May and December for 17 years, “Who’s dumb idea was this?” When I had kids at the CFRC, it never opened in time, and I had to bring my kids with me to the final exams.

    It then occurs to me that I just asked Senators to identify dumb things we keep doing, and maybe here is my chance to quit bitching and just fix it. When I mention the possibility to my students, some of whom stayed up all night so they don’t oversleep, I get a rousing ovation. When I mention it to our department secretary, who comes to work every morning at 7:30, she doesn’t see the problem.

    What do you all think? Is our final schedule the best possible practice available, or just something we keep doing because that is the way it has always been done?

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